6 Helpful Resources for Caregivers

March 24, 2021


In the United States, there are many federal levels and local government-level services offered for caregivers and seniors. These are helpful services for people in need of assistance but unfortunately it is often confusing to seek and stay on such services due to lack of information about the ever changing healthcare world. On top of it, Around one-third of adults in the US offer care for others without any payment and that causes frustration and anxiety for everyone involved in care of seniors. It’s indeed challenging to care for aging parents in terms of finding providers, negotiating costs and overseeing continued satisfactory care. Additionally, it takes a lot of patience and through understanding of resources to continue to help them.

On such occasions, any kind of help irrespective of the source seems useful. However, the good news is that there are resources available at the federal and state levels to provide needful help to these caregivers. Those who are still unaware of such useful resources must consider the following ones.

1. BenefitsCheckUp

In the United States, there are 2500 federal level, state level, and other private benefits programs being offered. Interestingly, there are millions eligible for such programs in the United States. BenefitsCheckUp® is a service offered for free by NCOA, through which seniors can check whether they are eligible for these benefit programs.

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2. Eldercare Locator

Eldercare Locator is also a freely available resource meant for connecting the seniors in America with their dear ones with the resources available at the local level for seniors helping them live an independent life within their community.

3. Area Agency on Aging

Area Agencies on Aging or AAA is a complete network at the national level meant for helping out seniors above 60 years live within their communities for any period. It’s like a one-stop platform to help seniors connect with different resources. They also support families and private caregivers through explicit support programs, the services of which range from respite care to emergency assistance.

4. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Caregiver Support

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Caregiver Support is excellent for military veterans in the family or as relatives. The resource provides a variety of services, ranging from pensions to health care services. There are coordinators available in each state for helping the caregivers in finding the best support.

5. State Health Insurance Assistance Program

Counsellors of the State Health Insurance Assistance Program are thoroughly trained and intellectually enriched. They live in the local community of caregivers to clear all confusion and answer all Medicare questions. Any senior and his caregiver who holds Medicare eligibility can avail these services. Noteworthy here is that they have no profit interest; neither do they work for any insurance company. Their main aim is to provide updated details regarding different Medicare aspects.

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6. Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels operate along with a complete network in every community across the nation. 5000 local-level programs function independently. They ensure that the seniors get nutritious food and get socialized when the caregiver is not there. Specifically, those having seniors who find it tough to buy their foods can find it explicit. However, their service is meant for those above 60 years of age, though the age constraints differ as per the program.


HOMECARE2GO® is created to connect people seeking help to verified care providers that can serve them. There are millions of people looking for care at one given time, But for most people, navigating the system to get help has been very complicated, time consuming, and frustrating. Too many Americans are suffering, and they don’t need to. So at HOMECARE2GO® we created one of a kind platform that connects people and programs in the easiest and fastest way making it easy for any patients or their families or healthcare professionals to find resources in their communities for FREE using our Mobile Apps and Website.

There are many other excellent resources as well. But, these are indeed the best options that every caregiver must remain aware of while caring for their loved ones.
HOMECARE2GO<sup>®</sup> Media Team


At HOMECARE2GO®, we connect people seeking help with verified care providers that can serve them. There are millions of people looking for care at one given time and But for most people, navigating the system to get help has been very complicated, time-consuming, Read More

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