A Peek into The Process of Evolution for Senior Living in the US

December 16, 2020


Senior living in the United States used to be moreover about fulfilling healthcare needs. However, things have changed in a noteworthy fashion over the past few years. This evolution is moreover a result of the advancement of healthcare facilities meant explicitly for the seniors.

Though the idea of senior living has been keeping health and therapeutics at the core, the expectations in terms of sophistication of facilities have certainly gone higher. It can be claimed that the preference among seniors for high-end facilities has demanded more advancements in this regard.

A Peek into the Past

The evolution process can be claimed to have started post inception of Medicare and Medicaid during the 60s. Accommodation used to be given greater prominence in this era. It was primarily about developing nursing homes and explicit communities for seniors. Those in search of advanced facilities were provided with resort kind of settings.

Later it was made strategic by introducing the hybrid concept, which used to be the perfect blend of old-fashioned therapeutic and comfort arrangement of modern times. Gradually it led towards the growing number of carefree facilities. Moving ahead of therapeutics, these fresh facilities were aimed moreover at providing greater residential comfort.

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Senior Living at a Bigger Scale

With healthcare or therapeutic worries getting squeezed down, modern-day senior living emphasizes providing greater amenities and accomplishments, ranging from superior communication, entertainment facilities, to even housekeeping. It won’t be surprising to witness dedicated societies being established with greater facilities like spas, restaurants, yoga hubs, etc. It has already emerged as a service segment, which is expected to get bigger in terms of its scale. In short, the idea is to ensure that the seniors don’t feel like they have to opt for these places as a consequence of helplessness.

Significance Powered by Technology

As far as the contemporary scenario is concerned, one can claim that emphasis is more about freedom or assurance. Seniors want to ensure about availing healthcare facilities anytime as wished. The good news is that the technological advancements of modern times are supporting this mindset thoroughly. Applications like HOMECARE2GO® can be an excellent example in this regard.

This is a unique application acting as a common platform for both the patients and healthcare service providers. It connects both and helps the seniors in finding resources within their community. With the advent of such facilities, seniors don’t feel the need to even thinking about nursing homes or compromising in any way with the comfort level for accommodation purposes. The best part is that one doesn’t need to worry much about budget related aspects with such facilities.

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With senior living standards evolving and getting bigger with scale, the number of people planning early retirement has also increased. Most of the mid-aged people in contemporary times have started setting this as their life goals. All in all, seniors living in the US are going to be exemplary for the entire world. With healthcare means being available at the doorstep, the senior living standard is expected to be lavish and accomplished.

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