COVID-19 Scams Are Targeting Seniors - Ways To Avoid Them!

November 24, 2020


This corona virus pandemic seems to be having a significant psychological impact on the minds of the people. Not just that, but it is affecting them physically too. Taking advantage of this, scammers are targeting the senior citizens mostly. To be specific, they are harassing senior citizens through telemarketing and various luring online scams. They have realized that by portraying Coronavirus's negative effects, one can easily trap seniors emotionally. The best way of avoiding such scams is by creating needful awareness. In this context, mentioned below are the prominent coronavirus scams seniors must be aware of.

Test Kit Scams

Scammers are posing them as corona test kit providers and making direct calls to the seniors. The prime aim behind this hoax is to collect bank details. They also falsely represent themselves as officials of Centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Under the pretext of verification, they try and collect key financial and location-related details.

Scams Related To COVID-19 Products and Services

A vast range of fake drugs, preventives, testing kits, and even vaccines is being promoted mostly online, targeting the elders. They emotionally exploit the seniors claiming that there is already a shortage of these products due to huge demand. And, then ask them to stock these products in abundance.

Appreciation Prize Scams

Some scammers have developed a unique strategy of collecting bank details, and all through various hoaxes of sending appreciation prize amount to the seniors for maintaining social distance. Besides, they sometimes pose themselves as government officials and ask for bank details to send prize money.

Insurance Scams

A huge range of insurance scams at considerably low prices is being done with fake claims of providing vaccines, free treatments, etc.

Scams In The Name Of Charity

Charity scams mostly target the emotional seniors, who are genuinely motivated to make donations for running COVID-19 relief camps.

Creating Awareness regarding these scams: the Best Possible Solution

The best thing to do on such occasions is to provide awareness to the senior citizens about these scams. Senior citizens must understand that no government-approved agency will ever ask for bank details or anything personal over the phone, upon texting, or even through the mail. In this context, FCC recommends:-

  • Not to answer calls or reply to messages from anonymous sources.
  • Not to share bank details or personal details over phone, text, or mail.
  • Not to click doubtful links within text messages, emails, etc. No matter whether it comes from friends or relatives. Suspected links should be avoided at any cost.
  • Not to respond to anyone who asks for bank details or personal details immediately.
  • Not to donate to charities without verifying their details.

Know the Right Ways To Avoid Such Scams

It is a must to warn and advise the seniors about all the things they should avoid in order to prevent themselves from getting into these scams. Moreover, it is equally essential to show them the legit ways. This would help to recover from helplessness. In this context, seniors should be made aware of acknowledged applications like HOMECARE2GO®, ensuring they do not fall prey to scammers. Furthermore, the HOMECARE2GO® app provides crucial help to those in search of proper health care treatment.


This app is an all-inclusive platform connecting patients, care providers, and healthcare programs in one place. Most importantly, it helps the patients, their families, and healthcare staffs find vital resources within their community, absolutely for free. The point is that upon knowing about such platforms, seniors could be more emotionally stable and thus avoid hoaxes.

HOMECARE2GO<sup>®</sup> Media Team


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