Difference Between Home Care Agencies and Private Caregivers

December 8, 2020


Families across the globe prefer looking for home care services to give their loved ones the care they need. But there is a big dilemma in people's minds to choose between home care agencies or private caregivers.

In either case, the professionals' job is to offer care and concern to the loved ones without the need to move them out of their house. As both the options are fit for the purpose, there might be one that you might feel is better than the other.

For choosing the best, you must make sure that you are aware of the differences between private caregivers and home care agencies. This article will help you to know about some of the major differences between private caregivers and home care agencies. Hence, these facts will help you choose the best amongst the two.

Differences Between the Independent or Private Caregivers and Home Care Agencies

To know the best, you need to focus on the differences between these two care provider options. The services offered within these two options are diverse. Therefore, you need to gain knowledge of both private caregivers and home care agencies' service aspects.

For first, check out the service facilities and perks that you would get on hiring the home care agencies:

  1. Home care agencies have people who would interact with your loved ones to know more about their needs and requirements. Once they are done with the interaction, they will match your loved one with a compatible care provider to look after the good health of him/her. Hence, this personal level of interaction is quite feasible for the care provider to know more about the person they will offer.
  2. All the caregivers working under the home care agencies are certified and skilled to handle the individuals' complex care needs. All the necessary background checks are done before hiring the care providers to the agency. Each care provider is also checked for their credibility and reputation for offering the service. If needed, the agencies also offer additional training to the staff. Some of the health problems in individuals need optimal care and the staff need to be skilled enough to do the needful.
  3. 24x7 Care will be offered to your loved ones as a whole team will be in touch with you to give the necessary care to your loved ones. The home care agencies do not take many breaks due to holidays, weekends, or odd hours. They are ready to offer you the necessary care, even in the oddest hours whenever there is a need.
  4. When costs are compared with private caregivers, home care agencies do charge more. It is so because they offer more services as compared to other care provider options. As of now, hiring the home care agencies is expensive compared to the private care provider, assisting living facility and nursing home facility. The price breakdown includes the recruiting, training, background check, and other such aspects. Along with that, the pricing also includes the safety check of your loved ones and many more such services.

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These are a few of the home care agencies' traits to offer care services to your loved ones. To know how it is different from the private caregivers, here are some of the detailed aspects of private caregivers:

  1. Here, the job of hiring the right caregiver falls upon you. You need to make sure that you do all the necessary screening process to verify whether the private person is qualified enough to handle their loved ones' care needs. People do like doing this because they feel like they have the control to pick the right person within their budget. Moreover, you are also free to get in touch with your known ones to get an idea about any private caregiver who can offer you ideal care services.
  2. The clients do all the background checks to ensure that the person who will take care of your loved one has the right training. You need to look for some select training such as CPR, first aid, and other such general training certifications. You might have to learn a little about these services and the ones that the private caregivers must possess before you can screen them properly. Once you are done with that, you can talk about other such aspects.
  3. Hiring a private caregiver is less expensive as compared to home care agencies. For families looking for care providers for their loved ones within a low budget, they can prefer hiring private or independent caregivers to do the needful. But as the private care providers are not under any agency, their service costs cannot be reimbursed under any insurance claims.
  4. As there is no agency taking care of your care provider's needs, you are liable to handle the taxation and insurance needs. All the payroll taxes and paperwork needs to be filed by you. There must be any violation during the job process; then, there might be a legal claim against your name.

These are some of the differences in service aspects of both home care agencies and private caregivers. Keep these aspects in mind to help choose the best amongst these two available options. But to make it clearer for you, there is a comparison list in the next part of this article between home care agencies and private caregivers' services.

Comparison List of Services for Home Care Agencies & Private Caregiver

Here is the service list that states the availability of services with home care agencies and private caregiver:

  1. The home care agencies offer a plan of care, whereas private caregivers do not do that. They make a direct approach and make a plan on the spot.
  2. There is a guarantee to get trained and certified staff with home care agencies, whereas you need to strictly screen the private caregivers' skills and training.
  3. You can be assured of 24x7 accessibility with the home care agencies, whereas it is not the same case with the private caregivers.
  4. Home care agencies offer care continuity, and private caregivers are not designated to offer that.

Which Is Better- Private Caregiver Or Home Care Agency?

The above-listed points are a few of the many differences shortlisted for you to make a better choice. Even though the private caregiver services are cheaper for families, you cannot be assured of hiring the best person for the job. If you are not aware of the medical skills required to provide home care service, you will make a mistake while hiring private caregivers.

Therefore, it is always better to go for the home care agencies that charge a little higher but guarantee you an optimal care solution for your loved ones. You can get insurance claims, get a professional care provider, tax management, and other such services handled by professionals. With professional home care agencies, you do not need to take any hassle as they will adapt all the necessary measures to provide care and concern for your loved ones at the comfort of your home.


Both the options are good in their ways. But you need to pick the one that suits your needs the most. If there is a subtle need for optimal health care for your loved ones, then the private caregiver can be the best choice with low-cost hiring. But if your loved one's health condition is deteriorating over time, and they need intense care overtime at home, looking for the best home care agencies can be your best bet.

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