HOMECARE2GO™ Platform launching Senior Placement Experts & Seniors Relocation Experts Soon

May 16, 2020


HOMECARE2GO™ Platform, a leading & innovative online resource for researching post-acute healthcare options by touch using mobile apps or by click on the website now planning on launching listing for Seniors Placement Experts & Seniors Relocation Experts.

HOMECARE2GO™ got started in June 2018 after TJ PATEL DPT Founder struggled to find help for his own mom with a simple mission for simplifying care at home by providing a list of available non-skilled homecare providers list. Since 2018, it has become a big platform for anyone to find Homecare, Home Health, DME, Pharmacy, Hospice, Inpatient Rehab, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Long Term Acute Care, Senior Living Facilities, Mobile Diagnostics & Doctors Providing At Home OR Telehealth services. HOMECARE2GO™ has now over 125 providers in 7 states.

In the United States, Seniors and their families struggle to find senior living facilities around them and often need help finding the best options that suit their budget and needs that often require Seniors Placement Experts. In one metroplex there can be over 100+ experts and this can complicate search and connection with these experts. HOMECARE2GO™ PLATFORM through their website and mobile applications makes "DISCOVERY" or "VETTING" process easier before making a call for an inquiry about their upcoming needs. HOMECARE2GO™ PLATFORM does not sell customer information to experts, but it keeps seniors and their families under total control by picking experts they want to work with.

Once the decision is made to move out of the house to a senior living facility. Moving belongings, selling ancillary belongings, arranging and setting up new living space is mounting tasks for many. Soon through HOMECARE2GO™ PLATFORM, anyone can find Seciors Relocation Experts and keep their body and mind to ease. Seniors and their families can find local experts and reach out for quotes and availability.

Seniors Placement Experts & Seniors Relocation Experts will go live in DFW Metroplex on 5.21.2020 and later this summer will be available in entire TX, ID, MI, AZ, FL, GA & IN States.

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