HOMECARE2GO® Welcomes Deanna Gillingham to Its Board of Advisors

March 29, 2021


HOMECARE2GO® is pleased to announce the appointment of Deanna Cooper Gillingham RN, CCM to its Board of Advisors.

Ms. Deanna is a leader in case management with over a quarter-century of experience in healthcare as a Registered Nurse and Case Manager. She is CEO and co-founder of the Case Management Institute, and leader and co-founder of the Case Managers Community, a group of over 17,000 committed case managers. From there she hosts the popular Case Managers Community Saturday morning FB Lives.

In addition to her own books, CCM Certification Made Easy: Your Guide to Passing the Certified Case Managers Exam and Foundations of Case Management, she has contributed to other works including Second Acts, Stepping Up to Certification, and Case Management Salary and Trends Survey. Deanna has served on the Board of Directors of the CMSA Foundation, is a member of The Case Management Society of America (CMSA), Registered Nurse Innovators, Influencers, & Entrepreneurs (RNiie), The National Nurses In Business Association (NNBA), and Rotary International.

Deanna Cooper Gillingham said “As a nurse and case manager advocating for the client is at the core of what I do. Complete Knowledge about the options available to access the next level of care empowers the patient to make an informed choice and strengthens my purpose as a case manager. I am honored to join the HOMECARE2GO® team who are committed to making it easier for patients, case managers, and social workers to search, compare and connect to the right healthcare resources for their needs.”

How HOMECARE2GO® Started? TJ Patel PT DPT, Founder Said “In Nov 2017, my mom was traveling to the USA and needed care at home. She had traveling insurance and a language barrier that made our SEARCH for connecting with the right CARE AT HOME very difficult. I explored many websites and options to get EDUCATED about RIGHT CARE and SEARCH, COMPARE & CONNECT with care providers, but struggled to find a comprehensive solution. In June 2018, I decided to build a solution to my struggles and launched HOMECARE2GO® with the goal of SIMPLIFYING CARE for adult children of elderly parents. In 2 years, this basic solution became the comprehensive HOMECARE2GO® PLATFORM with 13 categories and 350+ providers servicing 41 states.”

On Joining Deanna Cooper Gillingham RN, CCM, TJ Patel said “I am very excited to have Miss Deanna Gillingham on our board of advisors to advance our commitment to assist case managers and social workers to do their job efficiently. Covid19 pandemic has caused more burden to the healthcare system. Often case managers and social workers end up calling many resources and even write posts on social media networks like Facebook to find resources, as their patients need to be discharged from hospitals or skilled nursing facilities to their homes. At HOMECARE2GO® we are building a state of the art platform to enable access to a list of resources, education, and networking opportunities with the click of a button on our mobile apps or websites under one user-friendly platform. My team wants to make it easy for case managers to do what they do best, “HELPING COMMUNITIES”. Miss Deanna shares our commitment to help communities have access to great healthcare choices through education and the power of technology, simplifying connecting with all resources in the fastest and most efficient way.”

About Case Management Institute

Case Management Institute provides case managers and future case managers with professional development, education, training, resources, fellowship, and support to advance their careers, serve their clients, and practice case management with excellence. At CMI they promote integrity in the practice of case management aligning with accreditation, certification, and practice standards through their training and education. They strive to advance the understanding of the practice of case management to healthcare professionals and promote goodwill and collaboration between case managers of various settings and disciplines for the benefit of our clients.


HOMECARE2GO® was created to connect patients and discharge planners seeking help from verified care providers that can serve their needs. There are millions of people looking for care at any one given time, but for most people, navigating the system to get help has been very complicated, time-consuming, and frustrating. Too many Americans are suffering, and they don’t need to. So at HOMECARE2GO® we created a one of a kind platform, that connects people to programs in an easy and fast way making it simple for patients, their families, or healthcare professionals to find resources in their communities for FREE using our Mobile Apps and Website.
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At HOMECARE2GO®, we connect people seeking help with verified care providers that can serve them. There are millions of people looking for care at one given time and But for most people, navigating the system to get help has been very complicated, time-consuming, Read More

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