How to Ensure Optimum Safety of Seniors in Severe Weather Conditions?

December 4, 2020


Severe weather conditions such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and wildfires are becoming more prevalent with the passing years. In such a situation, it is essential to ensure the safety of older adults as they may find it difficult to prepare for adverse weather conditions. So, if you are wondering about the ways to keep the seniors safe during the extreme weather, here are some effective tips to follow.

1. Create an Appropriate Strategy

To ensure older adults' safety during severe weather, it is important to have a well-developed evacuation strategy. Make sure to include everything in the plan that you will be doing whenever there is a need for evacuation. It is vital to discuss with the elderly people the important things like whom to call, what are the medications that they would need, and more. When the elderly person completely understands the strategy and agrees to all the points, evacuation becomes easy during the adverse situation.

2. Purchase all the Extra Essentials

Staying updated with the current weather reports is the key to prepare better during severe weather conditions. When the weather forecast tells you about an upcoming hurricane, you must purchase all the essentials for at least a week to ensure that your senior family members are safe when the storm hits. To avoid the last-minute rush, it is always wise to start shopping as early as possible.

Make sure that your shopping list includes non-perishable vegetables and fruits, vitamins, high energy foods, and bottled water. As most elderly people suffer from some kind of health issue, it is important to purchase the prescribed medications, Aspirin, and First aid kit. A flashlight is also an important item that must be added to the list. Apart from this, purchase medical devices such as BP machines, oxygen monitoring devices, and more. Make sure to purchase extra batteries to keep these devices running.

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3. Keep an Extra Supply of Medications

When a hurricane hits, businesses are likely to stay shut for an uncertain period. Even days before the hurricane hits, there are chances that all the businesses may close to prepare for the adverse situation. During such times, senior people won’t refill their prescriptions or get any access to the pharmacies for days or weeks. So, to ensure your seniors' safety and well-being, it is important to stock-up all the essentials for a month. Some medications require refrigeration. For such medications, you can find a cooler storage space to avoid any kind of damage. Keeping an extra supply of all the medications will protect your senior members' health and offer you peace of mind.

4. Prepare a Quick Exit Kit

When there is a need for sudden evacuation, such as in wildfires, it is important to have a bag or kit already packed before. It will ensure that your senior member can leave the area right on time without getting affected in any way. When preparing the kit, make sure to include a flashlight, extra batteries, first aid kit, emergency phone numbers, medical devices, and important papers. In case the elderly person is on medication, make sure to pack the required medicines for at least three days.

Also, keep emergency supplies such as N95 respiratory masks at an easily accessible place. Ensure keeping all the important documents so that they won’t be affected by the fire. Moreover, having a digital copy of all the important documents can further ensure better protection if the actual documents get damaged. By repacking the bag or preparing the kit, you can evacuate much faster in the event of a wildfire and ensure your senior's optimum safety.

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5. Develop a Communication Plan

If your elderly loved ones live in an area prone to severe weather such as a hurricane, it is better to develop a communication plan beforehand. Make sure to provide the seniors with a list of emergency contact numbers to reach out for immediate help. Communicate the plan to your family members to be well aware of it and help your elderly dear ones right on time. Also, make sure to decide on a meeting spot as it is better to evacuate at the very last minute rather than calling anyone. It is ideal to select a location that has several routes.

Following all these tips can help in ensuring the safety of seniors during severe weather conditions. HOMECARE2GO® is a reputed platform that helps you connect with healthcare providers at the time of need. You can easily search for a variety of healthcare providers and choose the best one that suits all your needs. With the assistance of the expert healthcare providers, you can ensure seniors' better safety during the extreme weather.

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