How To Provide Home Care Services During COVID-19 Crisis?

November 20, 2020


In the current pandemic situation, a major question arises as to whether healthcare professionals must continue delivering home care services or not. Well, the answer is they must continue with the home care visits even in the Covid-19 crisis. The older people who are suffering from a chronic medical condition need home care. However, while visiting the clients, healthcare professionals must take appropriate safety precautions to avoid contracting the Coronavirus.

Moreover, in these crucial times, the family members of elderly people are full of anxiety and fear. In such situations, caregivers need to provide quality support and assistance to help them overcome fear.

Here are some of the essential safety and health precautions that need to be followed when providing home care services during Covid-19:

Use Protective Equipment

The first precaution is to use protective equipment all the time. All the caregivers, as well as the clients, must wear the mask. In addition to masks, healthcare professionals also need to wear protective gloves while treating or assisting patients. This will ensure that home care is delivered to the patients while ensuring optimum safety.

Discuss Confusions and Fears of Patients

With the increase in the number of Coronavirus positive cases worldwide, elderly patients have a lot of fear. Therefore, healthcare patients must try to discuss the fears of the patients and offer valid solutions. Moreover, patients also have certain confusion about contracting the viruses. The caregivers can also interact with the clients and educate them on everything relating to the Coronavirus to help resolve their confusion.

Stay Up-to-Date

The number of affected patients in Coronavirus is constantly changing every hour. Moreover, new alerts are also being created to keep people aware of and prevent the virus from spreading. It is important for the healthcare professional to monitor all the alerts made by the National Institute of Health, Center for Disease Control, and Medicare. It will help in ensuring optimum safety of the old as well as new home care patients.

Make Use of Technology

In the Covid-19 time, it is recommended to keep family and non-family visitors as low as possible. This can help in reducing the risk of contracting the virus. When any family members show symptoms of the Coronavirus, it is important to maintain social distancing. However, if you want to stay connected with your near and dear one, use telecommunication technologies like video conferencing. It will ensure the safety of the patients while they stay connected with their loved ones.

Health Screening of Caregivers

The caregivers who visit the patients to provide home care services must also undergo health screenings regularly. As they visit many clients and travel to different places, this is important. In that case, a caregiver shows the symptoms such as chills, coughing, or fever, the caregiver, must restrain from visiting the patients and contact a physician.

Have a Backup Plan

While caregivers take all the precautions to avoid contracting the Coronavirus, there are still chances that they may get affected. To be prepared for such a situation, the patients must be encouraged to have a backup plan. It will help reduce the patient's anxiety and ensure they continue to get the necessary care even when the healthcare professional falls sick.

Adopt Remote Patient Monitoring

In recent times, more and more healthcare professionals are adopting a remote patient monitoring system. This ensures appropriate care services and medical assistance is provided even when the caregivers and patients are at different places. It offers quality support and optimum peace of mind to the patients as well as their family members.

The outbreak of the pandemic is making situations tough for the patients as well as healthcare professionals. However, with proper precautions, home care services are being delivered to the patients. HOMECARE2GO® is a well-known platform that can help you connect with the top home care service providers. Using the platform, you can search, compare, and find the best home care provider that offers services during Covid-19. With healthcare professionals, you can ensure better safety of your loved ones.
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