April 25, 2019


Aging at home is the preference for most seniors as it enables them to stay in a familiar home environment as they grow older. The main advantage of aging at home is that it allows one to keep some continuity that is both comforting and a strong part of our personal identity. The home we’ve lived in may carry years of happy memories as well as the household and personal items that are linked to our life’s journey.

Regardless of how independent and capable, we have been in life, there comes a time when some extra assistance is needed in terms of personal care and long-term care, as chores and daily living activities may become burdensome or challenging. Getting some extra help from friends and family is important but for many seniors, they need a dedicated company that can provide in-home health care.

Finding a great agency to provide in-home assistance can be daunting, but there are certain easy ways to find the best options. HOMECARE2GO™ PLATFORM is Allen, TX-based company offering a free tool AGENCY FINDER for seniors and their families to search companies*, sort them based on insurance coverage, quality care, and satisfaction ratings. On top of that, it also offers key details about the company like their phone number, fax number, website, email, locally owned operated, women, owned business and much more. Now seniors have access to local and reliable resources.

Signing up easy and free:

1. Go to
2. Click on Agency Finder.
3. Click on Don't have account? Sign up.
4. Click on Patient and Family and fill out all the details and you are done and now you have access to all resources near you.

*FINDING AGENCY is available in DFW Market now and coming weeks company will add more Markets.

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At HOMECARE2GO®, we connect people seeking help with verified care providers that can serve them. There are millions of people looking for care at one given time and But for most people, navigating the system to get help has been very complicated, time-consuming, Read More

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