Senior Relocation Services: Here Is How You Can Benefit From Them

July 29, 2021


Is your senior loved one planning to downsize to a condo, smaller home, or assisted living apartment? Or do you want them to move with you for a protected environment?

In either case, relocation can be demanding for them. Even the thought of relocating may stir various emotions: sadness, excitement, uncertainty, and anticipation.

While moving with a family, they may fear being dependent, and if they are moving to hospice care, they may fear being deserted. All in all, moving a senior is a sensitive condition.

A traditional moving company routes trucks, loads up your belongings, and delivers to the destination. But this is not enough.

Seniors deserve relocation services that understand the emotional and physical challenges of moving out of their homes. Senior moving services help with these problems. They also help sell the old house, find a new one, and sell the belonging they won’t be taking to the new location.

Let’s understand how relocation services can help!

Senior Relocation Services

Senior moving needs individualized attention, and special care and senior relocation services make a move to the new location smooth, safe, and accessible.
Services they provide include:


Sometimes elderly packing needs additional steps and attention than the regular ones. They also help sort their belongings to understand things to be moved. This moving team also provides crates to shield their valuable and fragile items. The team disassembles the furniture and even reassembles it when they reach their desired location.

Item Storage

The senior relocation company offers warehouses for items that need storage during the relocation process. The warehouses are climate-controlled and secured to ensure the safety of the belongings.


The team will meticulously handle the furniture and boxed goods while loading them onto the trucks and assure their safety during the moving process.


Once all the items reach the new location, the relocation team will unload and unpack the boxes. They will also reassemble the furniture and help your senior to set it up immediately.

Senior Relocation Experts

Most senior relocation service providers also provide a senior relocation expert. The expert specializes in assisting seniors with the physical and emotional aspects of relocation. These experts design a multi-faceted approach for the moving process from space planning to post-move support.

Many relocation experts may have backgrounds in social work, nursing, gerontology, health care, and psychology. Regardless of their backgrounds, all experts have a significant commitment to help elders and a desire to offer meaningful work.

These experts can help with:

  • Sorting, organizing, and downsizing
  • Developing the moving plan
  • Customize moving plan
  • Arranging for disposable of unwanted items through an estate sale or auction
  • Scheduling, interviewing, and overseeing movers
  • Professional packing
  • Arranging storage and shipments
  • Unpacking
  • Setting up the new place
  • Related services such as waste removal, cleaning, senior escort, shopping, selecting a realtor
  • Prepare the home to be sold
Besides, these experts have significant knowledge in approaches and resources, reducing stress, saving time, and producing quality results.

The Need for Senior Relocation Services

Seniors are estimated to form about one-fifth of the total population by 2030. The elderly population of 85 years and above is having exponential growth in the US. Relocation services for these seniors may be needed for the following reasons:
  • Geographically dispersed adult family members may not be able to help because of career, distance, or family obligations.
  • Some seniors may have no children, or they are older too.
  • A death or illness demand the move, and the family may already be drained, both physically and emotionally.
  • These older adults may not have moved for years together and require significant downsizing. The physical tasks of moving in such cases and their implementation can be complex and overwhelming.
Senior relocation experts aim to bridge these gaps and provide a smooth transition. Their ultimate goal is to ease the stress of moving and relocating to a new place.

How do we help?

HOMECARE2GO® App provides information on all the senior relocation services available for seniors. We provide all the valuable details in one place that will help you find the most reliable and closest senior relocation service providers. By doing this, we aim to make relocation less stressful. You can search, compare, and connect with reputed and local senior relocation experts, making this process hassle-free.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of senior relocation service providers may vary for different providers, the relocation distance, and the services they provide. Some service providers offer package costs while others charge on an hourly basis. Most senior relocation services provide a menu of services. You can choose the services that suit your requirement, and you pay accordingly.

Tips on Finding the Right Service Provider in Your Budget

Before selecting a provider, you must evaluate all the available options. This will help you ensure that you get the service you want. Here are some tips that may help you:

  • Get quotes from all service providers you are interested in. It’s best to get written estimates instead of getting them over a call. This will prevent last-moment price changes or misunderstandings.
  • Enquire about add-on charges for transportation, materials, extra help, or anything else.
  • Ask if the company would cover the cost of damage or loss of items by the relocation team.
  • Find a reliable source. We can help you with this as HOMECARE2GO® includes only reliable service providers and those who have been in this field for a long time.

Final Thoughts

Relocation may be complex and overwhelming, especially for seniors. They may go through various emotions during the moving process. Senior relocation services aim to make this transition smooth and hassle-free and provide seniors with the emotional and physical comfort they deserve.

These service providers not only help with the moving process, but senior relocation experts also help with tasks pre- and post-moving tasks, including disassembling and reassembling the furniture. All in all, they aim to help seniors set in the new place as fast as possible without any difficulties.

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