Things Seniors Should Ask the Pharmacist While Getting New Prescriptions

November 27, 2020


It can be sensitive to try a new medicine without a proper guideline, specifically in seniors. Considering their age and health conditions, it is important to have the utmost clarity about medicines' usage. The following questions are considered essential to ask a pharmacist upon consulting a new prescription in this context.

Side-Effects, Potential Risks, Etc.

It is important to possess clarity about the potential risks associated with the medication. Physicians may not often remain concerned about the same. Consulting with pharmacists in this regard can be indeed easy. They can certainly suggest better alternatives with the same composition. The risk here specifically indicates allergies or hypersensitivities.

Those who are allergic to certain foods must be informed about the same. Similarly, those who are having hypertension or sugar issues should also inform prior. Those having any kind of surgeries or prior treatments, especially related to the same disease, should specify the same.

Consultation Regarding Cost-Effective Alternatives, Insurances, Etc.

Budget issue is quite obvious to be there for a senior. Physicians often don’t remain aware of the seniors' budget constraints; hence, they may prescribe expensive medications. Hence, one should express freely with the pharmacists prior to buy. Those having a certain kind of insurance coverage should also clearly state. It is here to note that generic medicines, in general, are cost-effective. A pharmacist can certainly help in recommending such alternatives.

Whether to Take Before or After Food

Timing of taking medicine is one of the prime aspects that seniors should consult about with the pharmacists. Like whether to take medicine after consuming food or it has to be taken prior on an empty stomach, meticulous aspects should be ensured.

How Long Will the Medicine Take to Be Effective?

Physicians often don’t like discussing little things like how much time it may take for the medicine to be effective. In this context, consulting a pharmacist is certainly a great idea. They can help by discussing things in detail.

What to Do in Case a Dose Is Missed?

This is a must to be asked a question that the seniors should not miss. Chances of missing a dose always remain there for a senior. In such scenarios, they must ask the pharmacist whether they should go for another dose or leave it for the next day. Specifically, those seniors who are remaining indulged with certain work must have this question answered through the pharmacists.

How to Find a Trustworthy Pharmacist?

Apart from remaining aware of the above mentioned questions, it is equally crucial to find a reliable pharmacist or pharmacy shop. There are many pharmaceutical shops that don’t have in-house pharmacists. This is mostly practiced to save some bucks. Hence, one must avoid such pharmaceuticals.

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