Top 4 Myths About Senior Living Communities

May 10, 2021


Senior living community is not a “Brand New” term. However, there are certainly many misconceptions around it. For example, most people still confuse it with nursing homes or community health centers for seniors. Unlike a nursing home, senior living communities don’t just focus on treating short term ailments. Rather, their focus remains on providing a custom lifestyle for the seniors that can enhance quality of life. This is not the only myth; the below abstracts discuss several other such myths around senior living communities that must be thrown out of the window.

1. Senior Living Communities Look and Feel Moreover Like Community Health Centers

One might have come across photos of senior living communities that appear like a nursing home or community health center. Images of huge long halls, caregivers carrying residents sitting on wheelchairs, etc., falsely depict things about senior living communities. The reality is senior living communities provide a warm and friendly neighborhood-like ambiance. It won’t be wrong to claim that some of these communities even feel like resorts, with all modern amenities, activity centers, large dining areas and even swimming pools. Today’s modern Senior Living Communities offer everything that seniors may need inside and around their home.

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2. You Need to Be Very Old and Disabled

Would you consider someone with the age of 55 year an “OLD” or “Senior Citizen”? Of course not! 55 is the starting age of a significant percentage of people who live in senior living communities. You are not supposed to be necessarily an old or disabled person to get into senior living communities. Rather, it’s a place preferred most among the active seniors looking for the perfect independence and surrounding for matured mindset. It's an inclusive place for anyone from recently retired to people living with chronic illnesses to live life with fullest potential. Simply search senior living communities near me to know how full of life these places are.

3. You Can’t Expect Advanced Level Of Healthcare; You Have to Adjust To Whatever is Available and Often Limited Healthcare Resources

Most people think that senior living communities don’t offer healthcare focus because it’s not a healthcare facility. That’s wrong! These communities are very much established in the prominent parts of the cities with close proximities to hospitals and doctors offices. Some senior living communities even partner with house call or concierge doctors who offer everything from wellness to chronic care management to complete coordination of care. Some communities even have onsite wellness nurses to answer any medical questions or streamline communication to get needed resources. Modern senior living communities have adapted to new technologies like tele health and significantly reduced rehospitalizations in the last 2-3 years.

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4. It Is Going to Be Too Expensive And I Never Can Afford One

Families visiting senior living communities often get shocked witnessing the prices that can match their desired lifestyle. That’s because, often charges differ in terms of the size of the living space or the extent of required care. But, it’s undeniably true that the overall price often remains significantly lower than a senior often has to spend being at home and managing everything inside and around their own home. This is because at the communities, a senior won’t have to pay the property taxes, costs of insurances, emergency needs, and even a range of utilities. The charges that these communities ask for are often all-inclusive.

Apart from these, there are myths like one can’t get the scope to socialize, food quality is low, etc., and senior living communities management is extremely focused on giving their residents best possible experience and even complete care curriculum and the perfect solution for age in place. All in all, senior living communities are currently the best destinations for seniors from all perspectives. Rather than believing in myths, one should enquire about senior living communities.

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