Top 5 Helpful Apps For Caregivers

November 4, 2020


There is nothing more accomplishing and responsible than being a caregiver. It is gratifying to care for those who loved you the most more than anything. However, it sometimes gets tough to provide needful care and love to older ones amidst various work pressure. Technology certainly has eased things to a great extent in such scenarios. There are some incredible apps to help in being organized and offering greater care. To be specific, the following five are highly recommended.  In an era of smartphones, these applications can indeed be immensely helpful.

1. CareZone

CareZone is considered one of the most significant software for staying updated with the medications. Undoubtedly, this is the most user-friendly and simple health data organizer. Starting from hypersensitivities to insurance details, it can keep everything well organized. The best part, it enables in keeping healthcare appointments in the future. The app can deliver reminders some days before these appointments.

Most importantly, CareZone assures complete safety of the data maintained within it. All in all, this can be a one-stop solution for keeping and sharing crucial details about medications as and when needed. The software is available for both Android and iPhone users. 

2. First Aid: American Red Cross

No matter how empowered someone is, a health emergency is something that no one wants. However, in modern scenarios, it has become essential for everyone to stay prepared for it. Most people are concerned about CPR treatments for emergency occasions. CPR, however, is just one of the many emergency treatments.

The best part about First Aid is that it can be an all-inclusive platform that can do many jobs, starting from identification of symptoms, CPR to needful emergency treatments. Most importantly, it helps the person in keeping calm during the most challenging occasions. The application is available on iPhone and Apple devices.

3. Calm

A common mistake that most of the caregivers commit is not keeping calm during emergencies. It is crucial to keep in mind that no one can care for others when he/she becomes vulnerable. Calm is an incredible app in this regard. It provides the much-needed relaxations that one must possess to confront emergency occasions.

Starting from regular meditations to expert narrations helps in many ways for a person to stay calm. The sleep hour stories are just priceless. Best part, the application offers most of the meditations and sleep hour stories for free. Those who want to explore the whole library may go for a premium membership. This application, too, is available for both iPhone and Android users. 

4. eCare21

It’s certainly not possible for a modern-day person to stay by the side of elderly people always. eCare21 is an excellent application that allows someone to keep track of crucial details like a heartbeat, glucose level, sleep level, etc., of loved ones remotely. It works upon performing being in sync with the device of the concerned person. Moreover, the app remains in action 24x7, thus providing complete relief. One can connect with the doctors as well through this. In short, it can bring the therapists, patients, as well as caregivers to a single place.

5. Cozi Family Organizer

In a stressful lifestyle, reminding about an appointment with a doctor feels like a great help. This is where the Cozi Family Organizer felt a significant application. The software enables the user to sync important reminders, schedules, and even grocery lists with the loved ones. It means everyone in a family can remain in sync with the crucial aspects of the tool. It is available for apple and android users. 

Bonus App: HOMECARE2GO App

At a given time, when someone remains indulged with silly arguments, millions struggle for proper healthcare. It can be imagined how daunting it would be when so many people struggle to access care. HOMECARE2GO app has been developed explicitly to provide aid for all these people in search of proper care. The app connects the above groups of people and healthcare programs most simply and effectively. It thus turns things effective for patients and their loved ones and healthcare staff for finding useful resources within their communities absolutely for free.

All said and done, each of the mentioned above applications is distinguishing in its way. One may pick any of the above as per specific needs.

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