Top 7 Myths About Hospice Care

February 26, 2021


Hospice care is tailored for helping people with terminal illnesses to live their remaining life with required care and dignity. A trustworthy team of trained professionals for hospice care services can work together for fulfilling the emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental needs of patients with terminal illnesses and their families. Hospice care aims to improve the quality of life for patients with terminal illnesses.

However, many misconceptions and myths about hospice care lead to the formidable stigma against a significant end-of-life service. Hospice care is not ideal for all healthcare beneficiaries. So, it is essential to understand hospice care effectively beyond the shadow of myths and reflect on what it entails for patients. Let us all take a look at the different myths and reveal the actual facts!

Myth #1 Hospice Care is Only for People Who Will Die Shortly

Associating hospice care with death is one of the foremost reasons for myths suggesting that it is suitable only for dying people.

Simple fact is that Hospice care is suitable for people with terminal illnesses. However, hospice care is not just about taking care of people who are closer to death due to terminal conditions. Hospice care service providers help alleviate pain and reduce the stress of patients in the last weeks or months of their life. The goal of hospice care revolves around compassionate and quality care for people with terminal illnesses.

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Myth #2 Hospice Care Could Speed Up Death

Many people often have a prominent misconception about hospice care, suggesting that it can speed up death. Patients generally lose hope with terminal illnesses, and thus hospice care may appear as a symbol of losing hope. The lack of hope in patients could imply that patients embrace death quickly in hospice care.

On the contrary, there is no valid proof regarding the role of hospice care in speeding up death. Hospice care services help the patient by reducing discomfort and having meaningful social and spiritual interactions in their last days. As a result, patients could easily understand and accept the realities of death and achieve peace of mind. Subsequently, patients could easily live longer than expected with the reduced stress levels through quality hospice care.

Myth #3 Hospice Care Focuses Only On the Patient

Hospice is often thought of as the last option for patients with terminal illnesses. Therefore, the discussions on hospice care primarily revolve around the concerns of patients.

However, it is also important to reflect that hospice care service providers don’t focus only on patients. They are also responsible for offering emotional support to family members of patients. Family members and caregivers need emotional support while taking care of patients with terminal illnesses. Hospice care prioritizes emotional support for family members and caregivers. Hospice care also involves the facility of bereavement support for a year after the death of a loved one.

Myth #4 Hospice Care is Very Costly

Many people have the impression that hospice care costs can impose a heavy burden on the financial status of an individual.

However, all the costs of hospice care after diagnosis of terminal illnesses are covered through the health insurance of patients. Medicare certified hospice companies covers medications, equipment, visits, and supplies associated with hospice diagnoses without any additional pocket expenses for patients.

Myth #5 Hospice Care Takes Away Control over Your Care

One of the common assumptions about hospice care suggests that it is forced on patients, and they don’t have any other options.

Hospice care services involve professionals trained in providing care and support for patients. Also, the professionals offering hospice care can support the medical, spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of patients. Furthermore, treatment in hospice care varies greatly according to a case-by-case basis. Patients never lose their right to refuse or request needed services under hospice care.

Myth #6 Hospice Care is Available Only at a Hospital or Nursing Home Facility

Another prominent myth regarding hospice care is that it is restricted to a specific facility. People think that they can avail hospice care only at a hospital or in a nursing home facility.

Patients could choose any place they feel comfortable to receive hospice care. Hospice care service providers could cater to the needs of people who prefer hospice care in the comfort of their homes. At the same time, patients also can choose hospice care in an in-patient hospice or an assisted living facility other than a hospice center or a hospital. It is essential to remember that hospice care is a discipline of care focusing on pain and symptom management.

Myth #7 Hospice Don’t Have Speciality Program

One of the prominent misconceptions regarding hospice care programs is that they all have similar services and care plans.

Patients don’t have to worry about the concerns of speciality in hospice care programs. Hospice care services recognize the variability in the needs and preferences of patients. Therefore, they can customize the ideal care plan for offering highly effective and convenient service to patients. Patients can find different hospice care programs tailored for various terminal illnesses such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, AIDS, and multiple sclerosis.

Key Takeaway

Hospice care is the practice of offering physical, emotional, and mental support for patients with terminal illnesses. However, the stigma associated with hospice care can be a formidable factor holding back many people from a unique support mechanism towards the end of their lives. Hospice care is more than just about caring for people who are near to death. Learn about the myths and the truths behind them to gain an in-depth impression of hospice care.

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