Top Ways In-Home Care Can Help Seniors Overcome Depression during the Current Pandemic

October 28, 2020


Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19, the world has experienced several dramatic changes. While the Coronavirus restrictions are being lowered by States now, the older people are still advised to stay home for safety reasons. Although this might ensure the good health of the elders, the risk of issues relating to mental health is likely to increase. The burden of uncertainty, isolation, financial conditions and concerns for their loved ones gives rise to depression among older adults.

When depression persists for a longer duration, it can eventually lead to other health problems like diabetes, hypertension, heart stroke, sleep disorders, and more. This can make the life of elderly people even harder to manage. To help the seniors overcome their depression, it is important to avail of in-home care. In-home care can help in providing the necessary care to older adults and keeping them safe, active, and reassured.

Signs of Depression

While several elderly people may be going through depression during the pandemic, not many reports about the same to the healthcare professionals; in such a situation, you need to find out the signs of depression and provide the seniors with the required care. Some of the most common signs are:

1. Neglect of self-care and other responsibilities
2. Behaving in a different way
3. Inability to truly enjoy any activity
4. Being worried, confused, and even agitated at times
5. A feeling of emptiness, sadness, or hopelessness
6. Slowing down of movements
7. Sleeping more than usual
8. Persistent negative thoughts
9. Loss of self-esteem
10. Memory problems
11. Feeling of guilt or worthless

Ways In-home Care Helps Seniors to Overcome Depression

Amidst the pandemic situation, in-home care is an ideal solution to meet the seniors' mental health care needs. In-home care not only helps older adults in overcoming depression but also enhances their quality of life. Here are some of the ways how in-home caregivers can assist seniors in overcoming depression effectively.

1. Ensure Maintaining A Daily Routine

During the Covid-19 situation, the daily routine of many elderly adults has been altered. The drastic changes in daily routine can upset the seniors even more. The in-home caregivers help elderly people maintaining their daily routine without much disruption. Healthcare professionals also help them to easily adapt to the sudden changes to the routine. They comfort the seniors and make them feel safe.

2. Assist in Managing Healthcare

To overcome depression, older adults need to see doctors. However, during the pandemic, it has become quite difficult. The in-home caregivers can help seniors avail of their counseling sessions and keep track of their appointments with the doctors. The caregivers also offer assistance to seniors with transportation for their telehealth visits.

3. Help in Communicating with Loved Ones

Elderly people are finding it difficult to socialize with their loved ones during pandemic times. As they have to stay home, they feel lonely and depressed. The in-home caregivers help find convenient ways for the seniors to connect and communicate with their loved ones. By setting up virtual devices, they ensure that elderly people stay in touch with their loved ones. They also encourage older adults to write letters for their family members. The core aim is to keep the seniors active, socially engaged, and optimistic to easily overcome depression.

4. Provide Personal Care

Delivering personal care through grooming is another way that in-home care professionals adopt to help seniors. They assist elderly people with their activities like bathing, laundry, dressing, and more. Such assistance helps the seniors to avail of better care and stay refreshed. The in-home caregivers also assist older adults in having mobility problems and support them with their physical activities.

5. Help in Stocking Up

The in-home care professionals also help older adults to stock up during pandemic times. The caregivers offer all the required household supplies by making arrangements for the delivery of groceries, life-sustaining medications, and other essential goods. The in-home caregivers help older adults in preserving their independence and bringing them out of depression. They put in their best efforts and provide all the services to create a positive environment for the seniors and enhance their physical and mental well-being.

If you are looking for assistance to help seniors overcome depression during Covid-19, HOMECARE2GO™ is the right go-to place. HOMECARE2GO™ is a top-rated platform that offers you a long list of in-home care providers. It enables you to search, compare, and find the best in-home care professionals. With the help of the caregivers, seniors can get a sense of normalcy and stay active and engaged during the tough times of the pandemic situation.
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