What is IDEAL discharge planning?

December 8, 2019


"IDEAL" in IDEAL Discharge Planning stands for:
  • Include the patient and family as full partners in the discharge planning process.
  • Discuss with the patient and family five key areas to prevent problems at home:
    • i) describe what life at home will be like;
    • ii) review medications;
    • iii) highlight warning signs and problems;
    • iv) explain test results; and
    • v) make follow-up appointments.
  • Educate the patient and family in plain language about the patient's condition, the discharge process, and the next steps at every opportunity throughout the hospital stay.
  • Assess how well doctors and nurses explain the diagnosis, condition, and next steps in the patient's care to the patient and family and use teach back.
  • Listen to and honor the patient and family's goals, preferences, observations, and concerns.
HOMECARE2GO™ APP supplements IDEAL Discharge planning by providing data-driven choices to doctors, patients/families, and case managers to make IDEAL choices that boost satisfaction and value-based care.
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