What Makes Telehealth Significant for Seniors in Modern Times?

January 8, 2021


There are significant benefits of telehealth for seniors. In an era when it is advised to practice social distancing, telehealth can indeed be an effective option upon providing the scope of virtual consultation to meet the addressable medical needs. It means one can consult directly from homes, senior living communities, or practically from anywhere at their comfort. Virtual access makes seniors feel more comfortable in terms of privacy, questioning and consulting almost replicating the same experience they otherwise had seeing their doctor.

Effective in A Scenario of Growing Psychological Concerns

Telehealth's popularity among seniors is clearly evident through the rigorous growth and acceptance in recent times. With more seniors dealing with psychological issues has made televisits even more significant as practically taking those patients to the healthcare center is not easy on many occasions. According to the reports of American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry, around twenty percent of adults over the age of fifty-five or more are having issues of mental health. This ranges from anxiety to disordered mood. In such scenarios, telehealth can indeed be a better option.

Not Limited to Any Specific Care Provider

The good news is that telehealth visits have expanded in terms of their level of coverage. This enables the beneficiaries to consult with almost all kinds of specialists through their smartphone, tablet or computer from any place. In fact, even government and large health insurance companies have promoted telehealth coverage for beneficiaries and medical providers. Though they can’t be completely treated in certain scenarios, the initial evaluation of patients can indeed be done in accordance with the symptoms in a quick manner. Accordingly, needful treatments and testing can be advised as well as applicable.

Effective Towards Chronic Illness Check-Ups

Advanced telehealth is indeed helpful for seniors with chronic health issues, especially those who can’t visit the doctor’s office in a regular fashion. There are many such chronic illnesses where routine check-up is essential. These patients can indeed be benefitted through virtual check-up through telehealth. In turn, it saves the cost of care for chronically ill patients significantly as it enables the right care at the right time.

HIPAA Secured E-Visits through APPs

Some Apps are providing HIPAA secured E-visit for the seniors, It is primarily a secure service that lets the seniors in connecting with care providers through an explicit portal for patients. This service makes things even easier for facilitating the communications that may not be urgent but essential. It means the platform makes things easy for patients in consulting from the comfort of their home or office with a few clicks from their smartphones and computers.

Above all, as telehealth care and consultation are provided using modern technology, it's getting lots of popularity. However, it also makes it difficult to identify in certain occasions what’s the availability of providers for telehealth consultations.  At HOMECARE2GO
® app and website, we have made things easier in that context. Any app users can search, compare and connect with  quality healthcare providers with few clicks and also be able to see availability for telehealth options.

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