Frequently Asked Questions

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HOMECARE2GO® PLATFORM is “YELP” of everything in healthcare. It is designed to help all types of Healthcare Professionals AND patients/families get educated about a variety of healthcare options and also an ability to Search, Compare & Connect with local healthcare businesses. Whether you are a patient or caregiver seeking care options or healthcare professionals trying to help your client to get options for available care within the community, we will love to help.

HOMECARE2GO® PLATFORM is always free to use for any healthcare professionals, patients, and their families.

Most small businesses have limited marketing budget and resources to play and be successful in complex and fiercely competitive healthcare field. By Registering on you immidiately able to show case your business and offering to all registered users on our website and mobile application. This gives you and your company much needed digital exposure.

We are all about helping businesses to connect with other healthcare professionals, potential patients, and their families. We have kept NO COST to sign up upon the COVID-19 pandemic. We also have a PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION that has more features and capabilities for branding, advertising, and marketing. If you decide not to UPGRADE on paid plans, we will still keep your FREE basic profile ACTIVE for LIFETIME on HOMECARE2GO® PLATFORM. For the FREE version, We DO NOT need your credit card or bank information so there is absolutely NO RISK for trying us out.

Social workers and case managers are always working hard to do more with limited resources due to constantly changing healthcare laws and insurance markets. They are challenged to keep all resources at a tap to share with patients and their families. Every day social workers and case managers scramble through 100s of business cards and often not sure who offers required services, what insurance they cover, are they available immediately in a particular area. HOMECARE2GO® PLATFORM is replacing that hard work and confusion into an easy and efficient streamlined process where they can keep all their resources at their fingertips and have the opportunity to constantly build their resource network as they learn and save lots of time finding resources and connect with resources in seconds when the need arises.

Yes, you can cancel or delete your personal or business profile in HOMECARE2GO® PLATFORM at any time by writing an email at

We not able to offer API access at the moment.

We believe marketing professionals are the lifeblood of healthcare connecting referral sources and patients with the right providers. On HOMECARE2GO® PLATFORM Healthcare Professionals enjoys features like refer businesses, refer professionals, and local events to expand their network and reach. Marketing professionals can ask their company to give them access to direct APP to APP texts, calls, and even video calls with referral sources and exchange vital information as needed.

HOMECARE2GO™ PLATFORM identifies users in 3 categories (1. Healthcare Professionals, 2. Patients & Their Families and 3. Healthcare Businesses). We have developed and assigned most useful features according to each category. Our system is not allowing one user ID and Password to use multiple features all at once at this time so if you are RN you can setup/use account as Healthcare professional using personal email address and if you are also Business Owner then you should set up Business Account using business email address. Please don't use same EMAIL address or password for both accounts.

Today's healthcare system is fractured and very complicated. Often it is unclear and confusing for patients, their families, and even healthcare professionals. "Modern" healthcare is costly and often packed with wasteful spending. Today's Healthcare System will be complemented by a platform that works for patients, healthcare professionals, and healthcare business owners equally. We at HOMECARE2GO® PLATFORM spotted a need and build one that helps everyone get Educated about most healthcare options and the ability to search, compare, and connect with providers in the community. We have a mission to SIMPLIFY CARE, EVERYWHERE!®

HOMECARE2GO® PREMIUM is a paid upgrade or subscription for HOMECARE2GO® account. This subscription allows having access to some amazing features and analytics to improve your organization's branding, advertising, and marketing. To inquire about fees Contact Sales via call or email so we can understand your need and custom create your package that can meet your business needs.