Durable Medical Equipment


Durable medical equipment providers sell and rent equipment used to support patients with illness or disability. Individuals also use it after undergoing surgery or after getting diagnosed with medical conditions. These equipment provide the patients with the required help in performing their daily activities freely and safely. It aids individuals in leading a comfortable and independent lifestyle.

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  1. Mobility Equipment

    The mobility medical equipment provides the patient's required assistance and assists them in moving inside and outside the home. It includes a wide range of products, including manual and power wheelchairs, canes, crutches, walkers, and rollators.

  2. Bath Safety Equipment

    Bath safety equipment ensures the safety of the individuals in the bathroom. The bath safety equipment includes bedside commode, toilet frame, shower chair, and transfer bench.

  3. Sleep Therapy Equipment

    Sleep therapy equipment includes appliances that provide individuals with comfortable and sound sleep. It includes CPAP, PAP supplies, BiPAP, and more.

  4. Patient Room Equipment

    The patient room equipment enables the patient to avail optimum security and safety at the home's comfort. It includes alternating pressure pads, hospital beds, gel overlay, Hoyer lift, and low air loss mattress.

  5. Oxygen Therapy

    The oxygen therapy equipment enables the patients to avail of oxygen therapy as per the specific needs. It includes nebulizer, portable oxygen concentrators, home fill, and more.

When looking for durable medical equipment, the factors to consider are:
  1. Rating and recommendations of the provider
  2. List of equipment provided
  3. Availability of equipment
  4. Options for Delivery or Pick up

The cost of durable medical equipment varies depending on the type of equipment and brand selected. Some patients require customized equipment, which can increase the price. Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, and many private insurances cover the cost of durable medical equipment. However, the patients can also make the payment for durable medical equipment out of their pocket.