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Hospice is a specialized end of life care. Hospice covers medical care to individuals who are suffering from a terminal illness. It aims to address the physical, social, psychological, and social needs of the patients. Hospice care ensures providing optimum comfort to the patient and enhancing the quality of life of the patients and their families.

HOMECARE2GO® offers a comprehensive listing of the available hospice care services for the individuals in need. We understand precisely what patients and their families have to go through while their loved ones are diagnosed or suffering from terminal diseases. We ensure providing all essential information about specific hospice care service providers to make it easy for anyone to search, compare, and connect with the right hospice organization.

  1. Enhances quality of life and dignity
  2. Personalized attention, as well as support
  3. Maximum comfort for patients and their families
  4. Comprehensive and cost-effective solutions
  5. Licensed and trained professionals provide care
  6. Hospice care is always under close supervision from Physician

  1. Respite Care

    Respite care is a popular service offered by Hospice providers. Respite care allows the caregivers of the patient to take a break from caregiving for a while. It provides the family members the required rest while the professionals deliver the care to the patient.

  2. Bereavement Care

    Hospice providers understand the grief that one experiences on losing someone close. They offer the maximum support to help individuals cope up with depression as well as stress.

  3. Spiritual Care

    Hospice providers also focus on meeting the spiritual needs of the individuals. They understand your spiritual and religious beliefs and make available the best spiritual care to suit your needs.

  4. Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy & Speech Therapy

    Hospice providers can arrange Physical Therapy that enables restoring or maintaining the functionality and the movement of people suffering from illness. Occupational Therapy enhances the ability of individuals to perform their daily tasks efficiently. Speech Therapy helps in improving the communication ability of individuals. All types of treatment require orders from the Physician overseeing the patient's hospice care.

When choosing a hospice provider, the factors to consider are:
  1. Ratings & Recommendations of hospice providers and comparison to National Average
  2. Appropriate certifications and licensing
  3. Medical Director or Physician overseeing hospice care and their experience
  4. Commitment for personalized and comprehensive care
  5. Availability of emergency and office support
  6. Cost and payment policies

In most cases, patients and their families do not have to despair about the hospice services' cost. Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, TRICARE often reimburses for skilled hospice care ordered and supervised by Physicians.