Find Local Pharmacy Near Me

The local pharmacy is also known as Independent or Neighborhood pharmacy. They are healthcare experts who aim at meeting the medication needs of the people at any age. Local pharmacy operates as a store that deals with dispensing medication according to the prescription ordered by physicians or other licensed healthcare professionals. Each store must be having a Pharmacist on duty during operating hours. Pharmacists are experts providing knowledge and education to the individuals about the composition, dosage, use, and side effects of medications. The pharmacists provide valuable advice and support on coverage of specific prescriptions to make it easier for patients to deal with their health insurance and doctor's orders. Each local pharmacy thrives on aiding the optimum wellbeing of the community they serve.

HOMECARE2GO® App and Website provides a comprehensive list of all the local pharmacy stores available for serving patients in need of medication. We understand the importance of getting prescribed medicines faster with the highest quality customer care. We make it easier for customers to search, compare, and connect with the best and local pharmacies.

HOMECARE2GO® provides the customers, especially the seniors and their families, a platform to easily browse through the different pharmacy stores and connect with pharmacists with the click of a button.

  1. Locally owned and operated
  2. Faster and Effective management of prescriptions
  3. Valuable information about the composition and use of medications
  4. Personalized advice and attention
  5. Faster and Free medication delivery for neighborhood
  6. Facilitates communications with pharmacy, pharmacy benefit managers, insurance companies and doctors

  1. Pharmacy Consultations
  2. Medication Reduction Program
  3. Immunization Services
  4. Non-Sterile Compounding
  5. Sterile Compounding
  6. Medication Synchronization
  7. Flavoring of Medications
  8. Multi-Dose Packaging/Blister Packaging
  9. Veterinary Medications
  10. Durable Medical Equipment
  11. Home Based Medical tests
  12. Allergy Testing

When looking for pharmacy stores, the factors to consider are:
  1. Location of store & availability for delivery
  2. Ratings and recommendations of the pharmacy store
  3. Availability of particular medications
  4. Knowledge and expertise of the Pharmacist
  5. Delivery time
  6. Cost of medications

The cost of the medications and other services provided at the pharmacy stores varies by drugs, type of insurance coverage, dosage, and frequency of prescribed medicines. Often, insurance providers like Medicare, Medicaid, and other private insurance providers cover medication costs with small co-pay obligations by the insured patient. Some patients choose to pay cash for their medications not covered by insurance or if they don't carry insurance plans for themselves.