Long Term Acute Care Hospital

Find Long Term Acute Care Hospital Near Me

Long-term acute care hospital, also known as LTACH, provides extended restorative, rehabilitative, and skilled nursing care to individuals who require assistance with their medical needs. When the patient gets discharged from a hospital, they might need continuous care for a complete recovery. So, when it comes to long-term acute care hospitals, it offers same care to the patients which they would receive in a regular hospital, but for a longer time.

HOMECARE2GO® App and website provides a comprehensive list of all the available long term acute care hospitals. We aim to help individuals and case managers find available long term care hospitals for patients discharging from regular hospitals but not ready to go home. We provide all the detailed information about the different facilities and help in making more precise choices. HOMECARE2GO® educates the individuals about the long term care facilities and enables them to search, compare, and connect the best facility with much ease.

  1. You might require more recovery time when it comes to hospital
  2. Comprehensive medical & rehabilitation Services available 24x7 as needed
  3. The physician can provide daily visit as needed
  4. Team of Specialists available to assist with most chronic diseases and injuries

  1. IV Antibiotics Therapy
  2. Pulmonary Care
  3. Wound Care
  4. Diabetes Management Services
  5. Post-Intensive Care
  6. Palliative Care
  7. Intense Rehabilitation Services
  8. Stroke and Brain Injury Care
  9. Subacute Care
  10. Organ Transplant Care

When looking for a long term care facility, the factors to consider are:
  1. The reputation of the long term care facility
  2. Ratings and recommendation of long term care facility
  3. Types of services provided
  4. Certification & Accreditations
  5. Cost of services

The cost of long term care facilities differs and depends on the type of facility selected. The cost of the services available in the long term facilities can be covered by various health insurance programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and other private insurances.