Mobile Diagnostics


Mobile Diagnostics Services refers to portable medical diagnostic healthcare resources available to the patients at their senior living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and any other healthcare institutions. It aims at ensuring the optimum convenience for the patients and the delivery of quality healthcare as prescribed by the physician. Mobile diagnostic services are cheaper, faster, and accurate solutions that stop the patients from having to travel and makes the diagnostic services available at their comfort.

HOMECARE2GO® offers a complete list of all the mobile diagnostics service providers to convenience the patients in need. We ensure that the patients can find the appropriate diagnostic resources at the right without any difficulty. We provide all the essential information related to mobile diagnostics service providers. HOMECARE2GO® allows the individuals to search for the reputed medical diagnostics service providers, make comparisons, and select the best option suitable for their needs. We help you to connect with the right mobile diagnostics service providers easily.

  1. Better accessibility to the latest diagnostic equipment
  2. Optimum comfort and convenience for patients
  3. Cost-effective solution
  4. Convenient scheduling
  5. Accurate and faster results

  1. Mobile X-Ray Services

    The mobile x-ray services eliminate the stress of the patients traveling out of the home. It aims at providing an accurate diagnosis, faster results, and reliable services to the patients in any setting.

  2. Mobile Ultrasound Services

    Mobile ultrasound services deliver all the general ultrasound services like vascular ultrasound, abdominal ultrasound, and echocardiography at the patients' comfort. The service providers use sophisticated technologies and provide high-quality images for proper diagnosis.

  3. Mobile Holter Monitor Services

    The Mobile Holter Mobile Service aims to record the heart rhythms of the patient for 24-48 hours. This test is usually conducted for the patients with an irregular heartbeat or with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. They're useful, portable, and comfortable for the patient. The diagnostic device facilitates the evaluation of the pacemaker function, light-headedness, dizziness, and chest pain.

  4. Mobile EKG Testing

    Mobile EKG testing services use compact and lightweight electrocardiographs for accurate diagnostics. It aims at providing the required healthcare service to the patients while emergencies or exacerbation of chronic heart conditions.

  5. On-Site Clinical and Diagnostic Services for Employers

    Exams for Corporate Wellness Programs & based on Direct Primary Care providers' or through Telemedicine Provider's referral.

When looking for the mobile diagnostics service providers, the factors to consider are:
  1. Ratings and recommendation of the mobile diagnostics service provider
  2. Types of diagnostic devices offered
  3. Timeliness of services and reporting
  4. Cost of services
  5. Professionally-trained employees to serve patients at any location

The cost of Mobile Diagnostics Services varies depending upon the type of service. Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurance plans cover charges for mobile diagnostics upon prescription from physicians. However, individuals can also choose to pay out of their pocket if their insurance does not cover the prescribed diagnostic test.