Skilled Nursing Facility

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Skilled nursing facility (SNF) is popularly known as a nursing home. The skilled Nursing provides skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services to the sick, injured, temporarily disabled individuals and seniors. SNFs offer a wide range of healthcare services to patients all around the clock and help improve the health outcomes of the individuals.

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  1. Easy access to intensive specialized medical and rehabilitation services while staying in a Skilled nursing facility with a private room.
  2. Guidance on nutrition and diet
  3. Helpful assistance with daily activities and personal tasks
  4. Complete set up of resources for ongoing needs and coordination of care before discharge from the skilled nursing facility by trained and licensed social workers and case managers
  5. Comprehensive Medication management

  1. Post-Hospital Care

    1. The skilled nursing facilities' post-hospital care includes intensive care like intravenous therapy, therapeutic interventions, internal feeding, and more.
    2. The SNFs also deliver neurological care and help in managing infectious diseases.
    3. Some Skilled Nursing Facilities also offer stroke rehabilitation and advanced wound care options.
  2. Custodial Care

    1. The custodial care of skilled nursing facilities includes assisting with daily living activities like bathing and eating.
    2. It also aims at helping patients with their additional personal needs as needed.
  3. Rehabilitation Services

    1. Rehabilitation services include physical, occupation, and speech therapy. It aims to fasten the recovery process, promote wellness of the patients, and improve the individuals' overall health.
    2. Full-size rehabilitation gym with necessary equipment types is always available within a skilled nursing facility for advanced rehabilitation.
  4. Medication Administration

    1. The Skilled Nursing team deals with monitoring the patients' various medications under the director of nursing services and visiting physician's supervision.
    2. Healthcare professionals take special care to prevent the medications' adverse reactions and change the dosage as and when required.

When looking for a skilled nursing facility, the factors to consider are:

  1. Location of the skilled nursing facility
  2. Medicare Star Ratings and Recommendation of the SNF
  3. Facility Certification
  4. Quality and level of care available
  5. Cost of care

The cost of skilled nursing facilities varies depending on the facility patients choose and services needed. The payment for the skilled nursing facility's services covered by the patient or the family members of the patient using their insurance like Medicare, Medicaid, and others. Private insurance can also pay for the services at a skilled nursing facility. However, in some instances, the cost is covered by patients and their families using their funds.